ULTRA.VC Accelerator Opened Applications for its Fall_2024 Batch!

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Your partner
in crime in building
an impact_startup.

Get sustainable traction, first funding, and expert support to grow your business.


ULTRA.VC is an early-stage investor with an in-house accelerator.

We have all you need when you are just starting a new company - funding, expertise, and emotional support from those who’ve been there, done that.

Our focus is on verticals where the synergy of technology and human potential can make a significant impact on people's quality of life:

Personal & Mental Wellbeing
Education and Lifelong Learning
Future of Work
New Governance
FinTech with Impact
Ethical use of AI

Your idea doesn’t match any of these categories, but you feel like it can bring a positive change to the world? We still encourage you to apply! We are always on the look for the most talented founders and innovative solutions to drive real change.


Team up with_us

_First Investments

Apart from claiming $70k of initial and up to $100k as a follow-on, you get access to a well-selected list of angels and VCs investing specifically in early stages.


Maximize your potential through weekly sessions with a tracker to develop your personalized progress plan and help you stay focused on it.


Enjoy a diversity of options to learn what you really need to grow your business NOW, including workshops, 101s with top experts, and weekly sessions with your personal mentor.


We have a safe space to share you dreams and fears with those, who understands.

Why we make it a combo
Money + Acceleration?

We know that in the initial stages, funding isn't the primary obstacle to startup growth. Founders have way more specific bottlenecks—like inability to define their ideal customer profile or calculate correctly unit economy.

In our accelerator, we guide founders to identify and address their unique pain points. Additionally, we handle bureaucratic tasks like company registration, payment integration, and equity distribution, standing by you not only in celebrations but also in day-to-day challenges. Like true partners do.

We’re keeping it_focused

With up to 15 teams per batch, we ensure more time and attention to the needs of each founder. As a result, we are increasing their speed, confidence, and focus.

See the proofs.

Roman Ishchenko

co-founder of Raised ↗
ex-Associate Managing Consultant at
Mastercard, PhD

ULTRA exceeded all our expectations. It's the place where on Monday, you can mention that you need an expert in a specific niche, and by Wednesday, you have an approved person and budget, ready to start working. Truly fast, truly tailored.

Alexander Bratchikov

co-founder of IAWY ↗
Forbes 30 under 30, ex-Product Owner at Yandex

ULTRA.VC gave me confidence and the feeling that I can rapidly discover and navigate new skills, crucial for founders, such as sales.

Alexander Pushin

founder of Stry ↗
ex-R&D Team Lead at Prisma Labs

What stands out at ULTRA’s accelerator for me the most is how they blend expert and structural support. During the weekly tracking session, you get your focus and action plan, while with a mentor, you can receive help with specific issues you are facing now, structure for conducting marketing experiments or payment integration. It's the perfect mix for navigating the complexities of the life of a startup founder.

Valeria Kolchina

co-founder at Parla ↗
ex-Head of Product T4MP

With enthusiasm around self-realization and positive change in the world, you can forget to check the market reality. ULTRA helps me to focus on what’s important for making my idea a sustainable business, like working on PMF and unit economy.

Questions you may ask

Unfortunately, we expect the team will consist of at least two members.

Building a company solo is hard. You will double or triple your chances if you find a co-founder or at least one employee.

If you need help finding a co-founder email Dasha at dashamis@ultra.vc

We are excited to hear you are interested in joining a startup team! We won't be able to accept you to the program as we are focusing on helping the established team but feel free to reach out to Dasha at dashamis@ultra.vc as she can see if there is a match between you and other startups in our network.

Sure. We do welcome teams at ULTRA.VC, and we’re here to help you with your needs to grow your product or test ideas.

We’re investing in the startups that have:

  • Strong team with expertise in product, marketing, and technology;
  • Relevant market experience;
  • Global mindset with potential for international growth;
  • Solving a validated problem;
  • Motivation to scale quickly.

The entry process includes the following steps:

  1. Fill in the application form
  2. We will schedule a screening call with our team
  3. We will schedule a screening call with our experts
  4. Personality assessment
  5. Offer

Please note that not every applicant will make it to the final stage of the selection process.

We run the program two times a year - in spring and in autumn. Keep an eye on our website and social media for the exact dates.

We invest in early-stage founders that are building solutions within the following industries:

  • Personal & Mental Wellbeing;
  • Education and Lifelong Learning;
  • Future of Work;
  • New Governance;
  • FinTech with Impact;
  • Ethical Use of AI.

  • The problem/pain you are trying to solve;
  • Your product;
  • Your traction;
  • What kind of support you need to succeed;
  • How much money do you need and how do you plan to spend it;
  • Why we should choose you;
  • Why now is the right time for you to start your journey with us?

We are a fully distributed team. You can find us online.

Simply fill in the form and tell us more about yourself, your team, and your idea. We’ll get back to you within a week. For partnership inquiries and general questions, reach us at hello@ultra.vc

Sure! In a new application, please, tell us what has changed since the last time. And we’ll consider your application as a priority.