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Our approach

Individual Mentorship. Our weekly syncs with mentors are designed to offer tailored support for your business challenges, spanning from product development to sales and operations. And the best part - If we don't have the perfect match for you, we'll do our best to find the right person for you to work with.

Focus Sessions. Right from day one, you'll have weekly tracking sessions to help you set your weekly priorities, ensuring maximum productivity and accountability.

Expert Support. We offer a diverse range of workshops, paired with personalized 101s with experts. This way, you can effortlessly refresh your understanding of business essentials and delve deeper only if you need it.

Investment Opportunities. We're offering up to $70k in initial investments and providing our alumni with direct access to a curated list of early-stage angels and VCs. Plus, we create opportunities for networking and pitching with investors at community events and final Demo Days.

Big Focus on Founders' Wellbeing. We set aside time for weekly moderated sessions where you can openly share your feelings in a safe environment. Additionally, we offer workshops to help you tap into your inner motivation, unwind, and maintain a high level of psychological well-being.

Supportive Community. We set aside time for weekly moderated sessions where you can openly share your feelings in a safe environment. Additionally, we offer workshops to help you tap into your inner motivation, unwind, and maintain a high level of psychological well-being.

Additional benefits


Production team to help you build your MVP and support you with marketing, design, and creative work.


Credits for Google Cloud, AWS, Digital Ocean, Notion, and others.

Who are we
looking for:

Solo founders or established teams with a game-changing idea in the social-cultural impact field at an early stage of its realization.

We are seeking people with robust technical or domain expertise, a demonstrated track record of creating solutions that people genuinely need across various sectors (NGO, academia, corporate), and a serious commitment to building a business on a large scale.

Our focus areas:

Personal & Mental Wellbeing

Education and Lifelong Learning

Future of Work

New Governance 

FinTech with Impact

Ethical use of AI

However, we are always open to considering ideas from other fields if they have the potential to make a significant positive change in the world.

Fall_2024 batch starts in September, Apply before 11 August

program expectations

What you should expect from our program:

It’s a 12-week program designed around the needs of founders who are at the very early stage of their journey. The main focus of the program is to help you test as many hypotheses as possible, then validate your solution, define a business model, find first signs of market fit, and start generating revenue via scalable sales channels. Ultimately, the goal is to make you ready for growth, and become investable.

We introduce a stage gate during the 4th week of the accelerator. Think of it as a trial period for startups to check if they find enough value in what we offer, deciding whether to continue with SAFE. Simultaneously, it's our chance to see if we have what it takes to guide a team to success and if we're eager to proceed together.


101 with Ultra Team

resource allocation: production team, mentors/experts matchmaking, mental support

101s with core
mentors and a tracker

coaching, goals setting, hypothesis formulating, and testing

Weekly workshops

Regular peer-to-peer and community activities.

# Topics examples #

Will be tailored for each cohort/founder's needs.

We expect to have at least 1 co-founder to be available full-time to join the program.

Week 1


PROGRAM KICK OFF: Meeting each
onboarding, first
diagnostic session, goals

setting, core mentors
matchmaking. Online
event/kick-off party.

Week 2


Validation methodologies

Week 3


Value proposition, business
modeling (theory +
methodologies) - depending on
what will be
relevant for each

Week 4


Unit economics, (PIRATE) metrics, finance

Week 5


Product Development

Week 6


Team development, pitching, community event

Week 7


Marketing, growth hacking

Week 8


Business development & sales

Week 9


Investor relations,

Week 10


Legal, negotiation

Week 11


Pitching, pitching, pitching

Week 12


Demo day with investors (goal to have 50
investors in the room), Wrap up a community

Application process


Pre-assessment of your application is the first step. Once we get your submission for our accelerator, we carefully go through it, checking all the boxes like how well it fits with our mission statement, investment vertical, and the size we're looking for. You can expect to hear back from us in about 2 weeks after you hit submit.


If everything aligns well, we'll schedule a 30-minute introductory call to get to know each other better and delve into your motivation and commitment, ambition, skills, and mindset.


The next step is a 60-minute diagnostic call, where we analyze the depth of your insight, and crucial bottlenecks, and figure out how ULTRA.VC can bring extra value.


And the final step is meeting with your potential mentors and advisers from our pool. At this stage, you will meet 3-5 mentors, get to know each other better, share your vision with them, and get their feedback on it. After the meeting, we'll take a bit of time to make our final decision and share it with you.

APPLY before 11 AUgust

Fall_2024 batch starts in September, Apply before 11 August

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